Meeting Basic Needs at Berkeley and Beyond


Our esteemed panelists share strategies for addressing food insecurity and other challenges to creating a healthier, more equitable society.

Dates and Locations


April 19, 2022
Via Zoom


Ruben Canedo

Ruben Canedo

Director, Strategic Equity Initiatives
UC Berkeley Basic Needs Committee Chair
UC System Basic Needs Co-Chair

Ruben E. Canedo  (B.A. 2012, ethnic studies and social welfare) is a UC Berkeley Regents’ & Chancellor’s Scholar alumnus who identifies as a troublemaker and leads national efforts to addre…

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Hilary Hoynes

Hilary Hoynes

Professor of Public Policy and Economics, Haas Distinguished Chair in Economic Disparities

Hilary Hoynes is a professor of public policy and economics and holds the Haas Distinguished Chair in Economic Disparities at the University of California, Berkeley where she also co-directs the Berkeley Oppor…

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Carolina Reid

Carolina Reid

Faculty Research Advisor, Terner Center for Housing Innovation
Associate Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning

Carolina Reid is an associate professor in the department of city and regional planning and the faculty research advisor for the Terner Center for Housing Innovation. She spec…

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