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The New California Dream: Can We Fix the Golden State?


Education cuts. Broken politics. Overcrowded prisons. Immigration challenges. California, once the symbol of America’s pioneering spirit, is barely hanging on today. Participate in a lively conversation about what’s ailing California, and what can be done to recover the dream.


Maria Echaveste

Echeveste J.D. ’80 is the Policy and program development director at the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy. She joined the Berkeley School of Law as a lecturer after co-founding a strategic and policy consulting group, serving as a senior White House and U.S.

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Steven Raphael

Raphael is professor of public policy at Berkeley. His research focuses on the economics of low-wage labor markets, housing, and the economics of crime and corrections.  His most recent research focuses on the social consequences of the large increases in U.S.

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