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The Future Is Now: AI, the Workplace, and You (New York)


Please join Chancellor Carol T. Christ for a campus update, followed by an enlightening conversation about the role of artificial intelligence in the workplace with Spencer Kimball ’96, CEO of Cockroach Labs, Jill Finlayson ’87, managing director of Berkeley’s CITRIS Innovation Hub, and current Cal students Dylan Steury ’24 and Jesus Villalobos ’24.

Dates and Locations

New York

Oct. 19, 2023
Cockroach Labs


Jill Finlayson

Jill Finlayson

Director, EDGE in Tech™ Initiative

Jill Finlayson ’87 is the managing director of the CITRIS Innovation Hub, which is dedicated to accelerating IT research in the interest of society. She co-leads the UC system-wide Inclusive Innovation and Equitable Entrepreneurship (I2E2) initiative and produ…

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Villalobo Preferred

Jesus Villalobos

Jesus Villalobos ’24 is a fourth-year student studying electrical engineering and computer science. He is passionate about making students feel welcome within the College of Engineering and works to help students find what they need to succeed. He is an active participant in the Engineering Student…

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Dylan Steury

Dylan Steury

Dylan Steury ’24 is a fourth-year student studying BioEngineering. He is passionate about making the communities he’s involved in a better place to be. Whether that be cities neighborhoods, communities that suffer from certain genetic diseases, or at the Center for Access to Engineering Excellence.…

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Spencer Kimball

Spencer Kimball

Spencer Kimball ’96 is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and business executive. He is the CEO of Cockroach Labs, a company he co-founded in 2014. His work as a programmer includes creating GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) while still in college and assisting the source code devel…

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Portrait_Chancellor Carol T Chirst_Keegan Houser.2

Carol T. Christ

Chancellor, UC Berkeley

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