2012_Nov_Discovering Other Earths

Discovering Other Earths


The discovery of planets orbiting other stars has reignited the age-old search for other worlds. NASA’s Kepler Mission is hunting for Earth-size planets, with hundreds in the telescope’s sight, and has already found rocky planets like Earth. The ultimate question is: Are they habitable? Astronomer Geoff Marcy will present exciting results — not yet public — from his team’s latest research. Learn about their collaboration with biologists to assess the environmental conditions that are necessary to support life, especially intelligent life.

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Nov. 14, 2012
Menlo Circus Club


geoff marcy

Geoff Marcy

Marcy is a professor emeritus and a leading pioneer in the discovery and characterization of planets around other stars. He has detected the first multiple-planet system, the first Saturn-mass planet, and the first Neptune-mass planet. He is a co-investigator of NASA’s Kepler Mission, which has dis…

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