The Power of Big Data


In the connected century, Berkeley is leading the revolution

The data revolution is opening a new era in society, science, and human life, and Berkeley is at the forefront of this big data boom. Join Interim Dean of Data Sciences David Culler, fellow faculty, and student ambassadors for a panel exploring how data and analytics are transforming the university — and the world beyond. From technologies that are changing how science is done and its implications and ethics, to empowering research and driving social change, Berkeley is leading the way in this increasingly connected century.


David Culler '80

Professor Culler ’80 joined the Berkeley faculty in 1989 and has served as EECS department chair, co-director of the Data Science Planning Initiative, and faculty director of the CITRIS Sustainable Infrastructures Initiative, among other roles. His research in parallel computing laid technological foundations of today’s global Internet services and the Cloud, while his work on wireless sensor networks is foundational to the Internet of Things. His focus on information technology for sustainable energy systems and the built environment has connected him with research throughout campus.

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