photo of Nicholas B. Dirks

Conversation with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks


Chancellor Nicholas Dirks invites you to join a casual but stimulating conversation on Berkeley’s renewed commitment to its public mission through new initiatives that are built around his three interconnected priorities: How can we redefine the undergraduate experience so that students feel more connected to their studies, professors, and each other? How can Berkeley respond to an increasingly globalized world? How can our research innovations be brought to bear on the pressing needs and interests of society? Don’t miss this special opportunity to discuss what the future holds for Berkeley.


Nicholas B. Dirks

Dirks is Berkeley’s 10th chancellor. An internationally renowned historian and anthropologist, he is well known for his commitment to and advocacy for accessible, high-quality undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences. Before coming to Berkeley, he was the executive vice president for the arts and sciences and dean of the faculty at Columbia University, where, in addition to his work on undergraduate programs, he improved and diversified the faculty, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and international initiatives.

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