Climate Change in California and Beyond


Setting Course for a Resilient Future

Climate change is rapidly emerging as the defining environmental issue of the 21st century, including in California. From drought and water scarcity to heat waves and sea level rise, the impacts will be felt across our state. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Join climate change experts David Ackerly, dean of the College of Natural Resources; Mark Stacey, professor and chair of civil and environmental engineering; Inez Fung, professor of atmospheric science (Palo Alto only); and Kristie Boering, professor of chemistry and of earth and planetary science (Beverly Hills only). They’ll share insights into how climate change is impacting our state and the bold steps we’re taking to build a more resilient future for California and beyond.


David Ackerly

Dean, College of Natural Resources
Professor, Integrative Biology
Co-director, Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology

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Inez Fung

Professor of Atmospheric Science
Department of Earth & Planetary Science
Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management

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