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Altruism in Times of Stress and Hardship


Learn how instincts for good are built into the human nervous system, and how early childhood environments may affect emotional resilience well into adulthood from two of Cal’s most innovative professors in social and behavioral science.


Dacher Keltner

Keltner, professor of psychology, serves as the director of the Berkeley Greater Good Science Center and co-editor of the center’s magazine, Greater Good. Keltner’s research focuses on two time-honored questions. First is the biological and evolutionary origins of human goodness, with a special concentration on compassion, awe, love, and beauty. Second is the study of power, status, and social class, and the nature of moral intuitions.

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Darlene Francis

Francis is an assistant professor at Berkeley. She heads her own basic research laboratory and holds cross appointments in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Public Health. She received her doctorate in neurobiology from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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