The Secrets of Space


The search for habitable planets, black holes, and cosmic gold

With new technology, astronomers can see far beyond our galaxy to the edges of the universe. The space between holds spectacular mysteries, which scientists are working to decipher. From hunting for earth-like planets and clusters of black holes to discovering ripples in the fabric of spacetime, Berkeley scientists are making landmark discoveries as they interrogate the depths of space. Join Chancellor Carol T. Christ and distinguished faculty and friends for a stellar evening of cosmic exploration, featuring physicist Daniel Kasen M.S. ’01, Ph.D. ’04, professor and faculty scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Chung-Pei Ma, Judy Chandler Webb Professor of Astronomy and Physics; and astronomy professor Courtney Dressing.


Carol T. Christ

Carol Tecla Christ began her term as the 11th chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley on July 1, 2017. A celebrated scholar of Victorian literature, Christ is also well known as an advocate for quality, accessible public higher education, a proponent of the value of a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences, and a champion of women’s issues and diversity on college campuses.

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Daniel Kasen

Associate Professor, Department of Physics
Faculty, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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