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Conflict Zones of the President-Elect: National security issues facing our 45th president
October 2016: San Francisco, CA
November 2016: Los Angeles, CA
November 2016: Newport Beach, CA
Michael Nacht

Insiders and Outsiders in 2016: Presidential Politics in a Changing America
March 2016: Pacific Palisades - SOLD OUT
April 2016: Atherton - SOLD OUT
April 2016: San Diego
April 2016: Lafayette - SOLD OUT
Terri Bimes, Jack Glaser


Blue Skies for the Golden State: Solutions to California's Current and Future Water Challenges
October 2015: Los Angeles
October 2015: Newport Beach
November 2015: San Francisco
David Sedlak, David Sunding

Exploding Stars and New Planets: Frontier Research at UC's Lick Observatory
April 2015: Oakland Hills
April 2015: San Diego
April 2015: Los Angeles
Alex Filippenko


A Menu for Change: Transforming the Food System
October 2014: Atherton
October 2014: San Francisco
November 2014: Los Angeles
Jennifer Sowerwine, Saru Jayaraman, Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, Hilary Hoynes

Conversation with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
June 2014: Chicago
Nicholas B. Dirks

Conversation with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
May 2014: Century City
May 2014: Newport Beach
May 2014: San Diego
Nicholas B. Dirks

Conversation with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
March 2014: Atherton
April 2014: Sacramento
Nicholas B. Dirks

Behind the Scenes At Berkeley
January 2014: Orinda
Robert Birgeneau,George Breslauer,Claire Holmes


Behind the Scenes At Berkeley
November 2013: Los Angeles
Robert Birgeneau,George Breslauer,Claire Holmes

Science on the Edge
November 2013: San Francisco
Graham Fleming, Paul Alivisatos

Startups and Swagger: How Much is Too Much?
October 2013: Atherton
Don Moore, Amanda Pouchot, Ken Singer, Ikhlaq Sidhu

The Affordable Care Act: What It Means for You
April 2013: San Diego
Stephen Shortell

The Affordable Care Act: What It Means for You
April 2013: Lafayette
William Dow

The Affordable Care Act: What It Means for You
April 2013: Los Angeles
James Robinson


Discovering Other Earths
November 2012: Atherton
Geoff Marcy

The Science of the Aging Brain
November 2012: Los Angeles
Mark D’Esposito, M.D., William Jagust, M.D.

Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe
October 2012: San Francisco
Alex Filippenko

Wake-Up Call:
Why Science Says Sleep Is Essential

April 2012: Newport Beach
Matt Walker

Place Your Bets: Election 2012
April 2012: Lafayette
Charles Henry and Gabriel Lenz

Place Your Bets: Election 2012
March 2012: Los Angeles
Charles Henry and Gabriel Lenz


Revealing Mark Twain's Autobiography
November 2011: Sacramento
Robert Hirst

Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe
November 2011: Los Angeles
Alex Filippenko

Revealing Mark Twain's Autobiography
November 2011: San Diego
Robert Hirst

Wake-Up Call
Why Science Says Sleep Is Essential

October 2011: San Francisco
Allison Harvey, Matt Walker

The Future of K-12 Education:
A Look at Teacher Quality and Technology

March 2011: Atherton
Jesse Rothstein, Glynda Hull

Autobiography of Mark Twain: The Final (and Right) Plan
March 2011: Lafayette
Harriet Elinor Smith

Finding Mark Twain’s Autobiography
March 2011: Newport Beach
Robert Hirst


Oil Spill Aftermath
November 2010: San Francisco
November 2010: San Diego
November 2010: Santa Monica
Terry Hazen, Kellie McElhaney, Thomaz Azwell, Tony Kingsbury

Cal Reception at MJ Armstrongs
July 2010: New York
Jeff McDermott and special guest Sandy Barbour

The New California Dream: Can We Fix the Golden State?
April 2010: Atherton - SOLD OUT
April 2010: Lafayette
May 2010: Los Angeles
Maria Echaveste and Steven Raphael


Impossibly Perfect: The Pressures to Become Better Humans
October 2009: Santa Monica
October 2009: Costa Mesa
November 2009: San Francisco
Charis Thompson and Stephen Hinshaw

Bouncing Back: Is Economic Recovery on the Way?
November 2009: New York City
Robert Reich and Henry Brady

The First 100 Days: The Challenges Facing the Obama Administration
May 2009: New York
David H. Romer, Christopher Edley, Jr.

Altruism in Times of Stress and Hardship
March 2009: Lafayette - SOLD OUT
April 2009: San Diego
Dacher Keltner, Darlene Francis

The Challenge of Change: What to Expect from the Obama White House
March 2009: Redwood City
April 2009: Los Angeles
Henry Brady, Severin Borenstein


Health Crisis in America
October 2008: Newport Beach
October 2008: San Jose
Pat Crawford, S. Leonard Syme, Stephen Shortell, and Robert Tjian

Global Poverty: Challenges and Innovations in the New Millennium
October 2008: Los Angeles Century City
October 2008: San Francisco
Ananya Roy and Tom Kalil

Elections: What will it take to be elected in 2008?
March 2008: San Francisco
March 2008: Palo Alto
May 2008: Los Angeles
May 2008: La Jolla SOLD OUT
Professor Bruce Cain and Dan Schnur

Mortgages: How did the subprime problem become everybody's problem?
March 2008: Santa Monica
March 2008: Newport Beach
May 2008: Lafayette
May 2008: Sausalito
Professor John Quigley and Dr. Cynthia Kroll


AIR...WATER What is our future?
November 2007: Santa Monica
November 2007: San Diego
David Sedlak and Bill Nazaroff

WEATHER...ECONOMY, What are the impacts?
November 2007: Redwood City
November 2007: Sacramento
Robert Bea and David Sunding

What are the connections?

September 2007: New York
Dan Kammen and Michael Nacht

Being Good When Times Are Bad:
Reflections on Ethical Life from Stoic and Buddhist Traditions

May 2007: Costa Mesa
May 2007: Los Angeles
Anthony Long and Duncan Ryuken Williams

Globalization and the Flow of Knowledge
March 2007: Danville
March 2007: Mountain View

Globalization and the Flow of Knowledge
March 2007: Danville, Mountain View
AnnaLee Saxenian, Dean, School of Information and Professor, City and Regional Planning • Steven Weber, Director, Institute of International Studies and Professor, Political Science

Special thanks to Google for hosting this event and donating the proceeds to The Cal Fund
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Northern California Kickoff Event
UC Berkeley's Nobel Laureates:
Energy Self-Sufficiency in the 21st Century
January 2007: Berkeley
George A. Akerlof (Economics, 2001) • Steven Chu (Physics, 1997) • Donald A. Glaser (Physics, 1960) • Yuan T. Lee (Chemistry, 1986) • Daniel L. McFadden (Economics, 2000) • George F. Smoot (Physics, 2006) • Charles H. Townes (Physics, 1964) • In conversation with Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau

More than 900 Cal alumni, parents, and friends attended the Nobel laureates lecture.
> Read the UC Berkeley's Newscenter's coverage of the event
> Read the San Francisco Chronicle's review of the event
> Watch a webcast of the event

> Speaker's presentations and follow-up responses:


National Security vs. Freedom of the Press
October 2006: San Diego, Santa Monica
Michael Nacht, Aaron Wildavsky Dean and Professor, Richard & Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy • Orville Schell, Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Journalism
Human Stem Cells: Scientific and Societal Impacts
June 2006: New York
Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor • Randy Schekman, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology • Charis Thompson, Associate Professor of Gender and Women‘s Studies and Rhetoric
New Directions for a New Supreme Court?
April 2006: Costa Mesa, Los Angeles
Jesse Choper, Earl Warren Professor of Public Law • Gordon Silverstein, Assistant Professor of Political Science


Human Stem Cells: Biotechnology‘s Next Generation
October 2005: San Diego, Los Angeles
Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor • Randy Schekman, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology • Robert Knight, Professor of Psychology


Fueling the Future: The Cost of Oil Dependence and the Prospects for Alternatives
November 2004: Los Angeles, Balboa
Severin Borenstein, Director UC Energy Institute/Professor of Business Administration • Daniel Kammen, Professor of Energy and Society/Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) • Introducing UC Berkeley‘s new Chancellor, Robert J. Birgeneau
Elections 2004: Political Forecasts, Economic Consequences
May 2004: Los Angeles, Santa Ana
Tom Campbell, former Congressman, Dean of the Haas School of Business • Bruce Cain, Director of Institute of Governmental Studies and Robson Professor of Political Science


The High Price of Cheap Food: Following the Food Chain
October 2003: Los Angeles, Costa Mesa
Michael Pollan, John S. and James L. Knight Endowed Chair in Journalism, Graduate School of Journalism
Pioneering Discoveries for Health Research
June 2003: San Diego
John Kuriyan, Chancellor‘s Professor, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Department of Chemistry • Michael Marletta, Aldo DeBenedictis Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry and Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
Distinguished Teachers: The Next Generation
May 2003: Los Angeles
Steve Welter, Professor and Division Head, Insect Biology Division, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management • Marianne Constable J.D., Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric, College of Letters and Science
Reacting to Terrorism: How Are We Doing?
February 2003: Burbank
Michael Nacht, Dean, Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy • Arthur Reingold M.D., Professor and Division Head, Epidemiology Division, School of Public Health